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Sensor Science

At MTEQ, we push the envelope with spectral and other sensors modalities to design, manufacture, and integrate portable and fixed sensor systems for airborne, ground-based, head-mounted, and hand-held platforms. MTEQ begins our sensor design support with the fundamental science and phenomenology of sensing required. MTEQ implements modeling, field collection and analysis to assess optimal sensor specifications and trades them against current state of the technology.

Design & Prototype

MTEQ engineers and designers translate custom and customer-provided designs into prototype hardware for testing and experimentation. MTEQ supports mechanical, electrical, optical and software design and development. Our in-house design, fabrication, and testing capability includes optical components, opto-mechanical devices, mechanical enclosures, embedded processors, power distribution modules, and software for control and data processing.

Systems Integration

MTEQ follows robust and proven systems integration processes to ensure all aspects of hardware and software meet system design requirements. MTEQ performs mechanical and electrical integration of subsystems and components performing inspections and testing at each level. MTEQ provides software and network communications integration support. MTEQ installs and integrates systems onto the ground or airborne platforms to support operational testing.

Testing & Evaluation

MTEQ supports laboratory and field testing of systems. Testing ranges from functional verification testing to operational performance in the field. MTEQ has test laboratories and equipment to perform testing from component-level verification and analysis through environmental systems evaluation.


MTEQ has the facilities, staff and expertise in the following manufacturing disciplines: 1) Printed Circuit Board Assembly, 2) Precision Machining, 3) Electronics Fabrication and 4) Systems Integration. MTEQ is highly-specialized in rapid prototyping production to limited rate initial production (LRIP), electromechanical system production, systems integration, and rapid design-to-build efforts. 

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