About Us

Who We Are

about-us-1MTEQ is comprised of two complementary divisions. The Technical Services Division designs and develops prototype sensors and systems to include requirements capture, design studies, detailed design, development and fabrication, modeling, documentation, integration and test support within a robust Configuration Management (CM) structure. The Manufacturing Services Division fabricates, tests, and qualifies both prototype and production-ready end articles.

MTEQ’s Technical Services Division provides advanced sensor and systems design support for Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence, and Law Enforcement agencies. MTEQ’s Manufacturing Services Division provides rapid prototyping and production capabilities for military and commercial customers. Our two divisions work in concert to provide our customers with “cradle to grave” support through prototype design to production services.

Our Mission

To provide landmark support the Warfighter and beyond; providing superior technical, engineering, and manufacturing services at cost effective rates. We have accrued over 18 years of specialized experience in customized initial concept design, electronic fabrication/prototyping, and sensor systems integration for a variety of defense and commercial applications.

Our Philosophy

Our success is largely due to our ability to recruit, train, and retain a high-caliber professional staff, which enhances our ability to provide outstanding quality services to our customers. The management staff at MTEQ attributes our impressive retention statistics to a corporate culture that fosters career growth and encourages commitment to our organization.

MTEQ brings mature processes (e.g., ISO-9001:2008 for design and AS-9100C for manufacturing) while retaining an agile, creative, low-cost, small business culture that supports quick-reaction tasking for design and fabrication. This structure creates a cohesive and agile team that continuously produces state-of-the-art technical solutions. MTEQ has the necessary experience and resources to execute rapid response requests and provide our customers with an experienced team that possesses expert analytical, engineering, and design skills. Our commitment to quality and responsive management enables us to deliver innovative solutions for defense and commercial initiatives.

Our Services

MTEQ is a robust service provider of both engineering and manufacturing services. We offer full-spectrum capability across all phases of the production lifecycle, from research and development, requirements analysis, design, engineering, production, and testing all the way through field support and training.

MTEQ supports the Department of Defense and Intelligence, Surveillance, and reconnaissance communities providing sensor design and development programs with capabilities that span full program life cycle support from scientific and R&D efforts to engineering design and development and rapid prototyping and production. We are organized into two integrated divisions: Technical services and Manufacturing services. MTEQ has developed and delivered numerous prototypes and production sensor runs for force protection and ISR applications (e.g., CERBERUS force protection sensor subsystems, airborne and ground-based hyperspectral payloads, and counter-IED sensors).