Our Manufacturing Division is committed to serving the needs of our defense and commercial customers with customized end-to-end solutions. Through research, design, assembly, integration, and testing, MTEQ solutions span the lifecycle of production. Our 26,000-square foot facility, located on 5 acres in Kilmarnock, Virginia, supports a wide range of fabrication efforts, from printed circuit boards, cables, box assemblies, to complex sensor and trailer integration. We provide engineering design, prototype, and manufacturing support to a variety of military and commercial customers. MTEQ is proud to be a part of revitalizing the American manufacturing base and has a governing commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

MTEQ’s Quality Management System Capabilities

Our Quality Management System is the central element to our success. MTEQ has over 25 years of experience with electronic fabrication, printed circuit board (PCB) assembly, electro-mechanical systems, and rapid design-to-build efforts.

Fabrication Capabilities

Printed Circuit Boards
Design & Engineering SupportElectronics Design; Board Layout; FPGA Programming; Firmware Programming Electronics Testing; Experience with design and implementation of system and component level test; In-circuit debugging using Microchip, Lattice; and 3D modeling (Pro/ENGINEER, Inventor, SolidWorks)
Through Hole Assembly
Surface Mount Assembly
Cable Assembly
EquipmentMeasure Cut Devices KOMAX Lead Stripper TYCO AMP Crimp Press Custom products in large or small volumes
ManufacturingModular D-subs MIL Circulars; Wiring Harness; EMI/RFI Shielded High-density Connectors; RS232; Power Cables; Prototyping (Any Quantity); CAT 5
Box Assembly
CapabilitiesBow Wiring and Integration Terminal Block Mounting Terminal Lugs and Wiring Mounts; UL Certification; Panel Fabrication and Layout; and End-to-End Production Assemblies
System Prototypes and Production
Rapid Prototyping, Production, Integration, & TestingElectronics Design, Fabrication, & Prototyping Printed Circuit Board Population Cable Design, Assembly & System Integration Box Build, Wiring, Assembly & Integration; Rack-Mount Design, Assembly, & Shock-Mount Isolation; Programming; Logistics, Training, & Maintenance; Rapid Planning & Procurement; Rapid Deployment & Shipping; Complex Sensor System Integration; Complex Trailer Platform Integration; System Component-Level Test Design, Implementation, & Reporting; In-Circuit Debugging
Precision Machining
Milling/Lathe Work for Components Assembly & Gear Work Specialized in fine parts under 4"

Quality Management System Certifications

Our Electronic Fabrication Facility and Precision Machining Facility are ISO 9001:2008 Certified facilities. Adherence to ISO 9001:2008 ensures quality fabrication of all PCBs, electronic fabrication products, and precision machined parts. MTEQ follows IPC610 and 620 standards for PCB, Flex Circuits, and Miniaturized Chip Scale Packaging. Other Mil-Spec standards are applied based on customer requirements. Details of the fabrication, test and inspection are specific to each product and are reviewed for technical compliance prior to procurement of parts and assembly. MTEQ's extensive review of each individual project allows for the identification of design discrepancies and optimizes quality fabrication. View all of our Quality Management System Certifications


Emergency Management; Aerospace; Environmental; Battlefield Technology; Electronics & Telecommunications; Power & Energy; Border Security; Maritime Solutions; and Performance Monitoring.

Maritime Solutions
Performance Monitoring
Battlefield Technology
Electronics & Commmunications
Emergency Management
Border Security