MTEQ Welcomes a New Program Manager

Command Sgt. Maj. Billie Jo Boersma

MTEQ is pleased to announce the arrival of retired Command Sgt. Maj. Billie Jo Boersma as our new Program Manager supporting our facilities group in our on-site rapid prototyping at Ft. Belvoir with an expanding role of other program management leadership activities. Ms. Boersma comes to MTEQ with a wealth of leadership experience from the U.S. Army after a career spanning over 25 years in uniform, during which she served in a variety of duty positions, from team leader to Command Sergeant Major. She also served as a drill sergeant and drill sergeant leader and was named the Army Drill Sergeant of the Year 2003.

Ms. Boersma’s military education includes all Noncommissioned Officer Education System (NCOES) courses, First Sergeant Course, Master Fitness Course, Airborne School, Drill Sergeant School, and the Battle Staff Noncommissioned Officers Course. She is also a graduate of the U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy, Class 58. Among her numerous awards and decorations are the Bronze Star, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, and the National Defense Service Medal. She is also a member of the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club.


MTEQ Welcomes Senior Scientist

Dr. Sunnie Capelle

Dr. Sunnie Capelle brings 11 years of experience to MTEQ focusing on the areas of spectral signatures, hyperspectral imagery, and non-imaging infrared data. She developed comprehensive ground-truth capabilities for the Army for test and evaluation of sensors. Dr. Capelle will bring her passion for solving problems through remote sensing research and development to MTEQ in a wide variety of applications, including environmental science, agriculture, emergency services, homeland security and others. She has a Bachelor’s in Geographic Science and a Master’s in Integrated Science and Technology, both from James Madison University, and a Doctorate in Environmental Science from the University of Virginia.

GovCon Awards Finalist

MTEQ is pleased to announce our nomination for the 2017 Contractor of the Year Award ($25 – $75 Million category). This award is presented to a Greater Washington-area government contractor for distinguished financial and operational accomplishments and for outstanding contributions to its employees, the government contracting industry and the U.S. Government in the past year.

Presented by the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce and Professional Services Council (PSC), the Greater Washington Government Contractor Awards™ winners will be announced at an evening gala, which has been dubbed the “Academy Awards of Government Contracting.” This unique networking event draws nearly 1,000 industry and government leaders.

The Greater Washington Government Contractor Awards™ is the premier event honoring the leadership, innovation and commitment to excellence of the people and businesses in the region’s government contracting community.

Home Run at Nationals Stadium

Nationals Park, Washington D.C. (July 27, 2017) – To recognize MTEQ employees for their hard work, MTEQ hosted our interns and employees to one of the most memorable baseball games in Nationals history this summer. After everyone was treated to food and drinks, and donned their Nats’ caps and jerseys, employees were able to sit back and partake in Nats’ history as the home team dominated the Milwaukee Brewers. Overpowering the Brewers with eight total homeruns, the Nationals hit five of them back-to-back-to-back-to-back in the third inning! The MTEQ crew cheered on the Nats throughout the ball game, ending in a score of 15-2 (only the eighth team in MLB history to do so and the first since 2010).

MTEQ DAGRS Announcement!

MTEQ is pleased to announce the NVESD has named MTEQ one of ten primes under the Deployable Adaptive Global Responder Support (DAGRS) IDIQ. This contract will focus on providing responsive and adaptive capabilities to U.S. Military and combined civil/military actions that involve adaptive response other than what is commonly considered as warfighting. These include partnership building, stability operations, rapid prototyping and engineering and other activities that support the Defense Strategy and Quadrennial Defense Review. The emphasis will be to provide a necessary response with a small, highly capable, military footprint augmented by other Government organizations, non-government organizations, partner nations, and others to enhance effectiveness and affordability.

Within a single-team framework, DAGRS will provide a vehicle for coordination and technology-based solutions that enable and assist Army, join service, multinational, and other combined (DOD/other organizations) responses to activities involving non-warfighting capabilities or a mix of warfighting and non-warfighting capabilities.

DAGRS provides a comprehensive tool to enable and enhance the ability of MTEQ to collaborate and integrate capabilities of the diverse group of Government, industry, academia and international partners forming the global responder community of interest. With an experienced team of 13 large and 18 small businesses, all with significant participation levels and demonstrated performance on current, ongoing, and prior IDIQ contract vehicles for U.S. Army customers, MTEQ is excited to participate in this important effort on behalf of our customers and the nation. For more information, please contact MTEQ at

Winter 2016/2017 Internship Project

While other college students were enjoying a break from school, participants in the MTEQ 2016/2017 winter internship program were “Using the Force” and learning new ways to use the power of the mind.

Megan Moulton -Freshman English major at Christopher Newport University (CNU), Maddie Williams – Sophomore Physics major at Auburn University, Michelle Werner – Junior Math major also at CNU, and Eduardo Davila – Junior Computer Engineering major at Virginia Tech, formed the team that Mary Williams, MTEQ President tasked for a “special research project.”

The project the interns were given to complete during their winter break required that they “make something move” with the power of their minds.  The team started with an Emotive Insight portable, wearable 5 channel EEG headset and accompanying software package.

The headset allows a user’s real time brainwave activity to be translated into actual or virtual action.  Through “training” their brain using the headset, the team members learned how different stimuli corresponded to activity in different parts of the brain.  The headset is also able to recognize different facial expressions such as frowning, smiling, etc., and the user can turn these expressions into control of both virtual and actual objects.  In addition, the headset is equipped with a built in gyroscope which could be used to operate a number of devices.

The object to be moved was a Parrot AR drone.  While Parrot drones are designed to be controlled from a smartphone, tablet, or computer, they are not out of the box designed to be operated by an Emotive EEG headset.  The team would have to become familiar with the capabilities and functionality of the headset, the operating parameters of the drone, the abilities of their own brains, and would also have to write some code.  Standard problems of working in a team would also need to be resolved.  They would need to inventory their individual abilities, parcel out the tasks needing to be completed in order to meet the goal, come up with solutions to setbacks that are part of any project, and of course there was a hard deadline that could not be moved to the right.  School was going to start back on time.

On January 6th in front of MTEQ, Inc. Headquarters staff the team presented their project.  Describing the goal of their project, problems faced, and lessons learned they gave a very professional and detailed presentation.  The grand finale, of course, was the flight demonstration.  Launching from the MTEQ Boardroom table, the drone was piloted around the room and brought in for a successful landing.

The interns have returned to school now and are immersed back into college life.  MTEQ headquarters is a quieter place.  Summer time looms however and the interns will return for their next project.  Who knows, maybe a suit made of metal that allows the wearer to fly?

The Honorable Rob Whittman, Congressman from Virginia’s 1st District visits MTEQ’s manufacturing and production facility in Kilmarnock VA.

SANY0443The Honorable Rob Whittman, Congressman from Virginia’s 1st District visited MTEQ’s manufacturing and production facility on 7 March 2016. The Congressman is working with and helping Small Businesses from his district understand the opportunities for working with and doing business with the Federal Government. MTEQ’s President Mary Williams, Printed Circuit Board Production Manager Greg Demeo, and Kurt Mortensen provided a tour of MTEQ’s manufacturing facilities in Kilmarnock, VA.