MTEQ’s Technical Services provides superior sensor science expertise to our DoD customers through design,
prototype, field collections, experiments, modeling & simulation, analysis, and program management.

MTEQ’s experience with disparate sensor modalities enables us to support system concept designs. We also have a strong technical understanding of modeling, evaluating, integrating, and testing Electro Optical/Infrared sensor systems. Our diverse staff includes senior scientists with advanced degrees in optical science, engineering, computer science and physics as well as talented junior engineers, program and project managers, and experienced technical writers. We also have staff embedded at customer sites who support program and budget analysis, public affairs, security, and network administration tasking.

Sensor Products & Development

MTEQ’s Sensor Products & Development Division supports our other divisions with optical, mechanical, systems, and electrical engineering, providing our customers with complete lifecycle support, from prototype design to production. This division develops prototype sensors for various DoD applications, in-house R&D product development, and also manages MTEQ’s existing sensor product line.

Sensor Design, Development,
Test & System Integration Support

MTEQ has extensive experience in the advanced engineering and physics associated with sensor design and prototyping. Our capabilities range from advanced Focal Plane Array Detector research to the development of prototype sensor systems.

Support Area Skills & Capabilities
SensorsHyperspectral & Multispectral Sensors, C4ISR & EO/IR Sensors, and Complex Platform Sensor Integration (Rifle-Mounted, Head-Worn, Aircraft Payload, Ground Vehicle, Riverine, Portable)
Optical Design & EngineeringRay tracing (Zemax), diffraction analysis, performance prediction, radiometric modeling, lens optimization, manufacturing tolerance allocation, drawings & coating specifications, part procurement, test planning & execution.
Mechanical Design & EngineeringSolid model CAD (SolidWorks, Pro-E), geometric tolerancing, motion control mechanisms, finite element analysis (FEA) for thermal and stress, athermalization of optical systems, mass & weight properties, design for machining or mold casting, coatings & plating, environmental sealing & salt-fog protection, test planning & execution, 3D-print plastic model generation, various in-house machining & measurement capabilities.
Electrical DesignCircuit modeling (ORCAD), analog & digital circuit design, PCB layout & design, firmware development and implementation, breadboarding laboratory, soldering, digital logic analysis, test planning & execution.
SoftwareModeling and simulation, algorithms development, implementation, & test multiple languages (C++, Android, iPhone, etc.), avionics interfaces, digital video processing, ethernet/serial/USB comms, wireless transmission, motion control systems, non-uniformity calibration, real-time hyperspectral video systems.
Sensor & System ModelingRequirements analysis,ICD & TDP development & configuration management, prototype development,performance specifications analysis & modeling, range performance modeling via NVTHERM-IP, SSCAM, NVLaser. Hyperspectral signature analysis via ENVI and OPTIKS. Independent models for blackbody radiance, atmospheric effects, Reliability (MTBF) worksheets. MATLAB and LabView programming.
PhenomenologyTarget sensor study and algorithm assessment
TestQuick reaction field test team & data analysis

Optics Laboratory

This laboratory develops prototype sensors for various Department of Defense applications, in-house R&D product development. MTEQ's three electro-optical labs contain a variety of test and assembly equipment including laminar flow hoods with HEPA filters, a lens MTF measuring station, optical assembly and cleaning equipment, electronics bread-boarding, test benches, acoustic measuring equipment, and various gauges and related mechanical measuring devices. The lab area also provides a 3D Printer machine for making solid models.

Program Support

We have an established and proven management approach, focusing on customer relationship and quality deliverables, for executing complex technical contracts for both government and commercial customers.

  • Program Management
  • Network Administration
  • Budget Analysis
  • Public Affairs
  • On- & Off-Site Customer

Who We Serve

US Army Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate (NVESD); PEO Soldier, Aberdeen Proving Ground; Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD); Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane (NSWC Crane); Marine Corps System Command (MCSC); Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR); National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA); Department of Homeland Security (DHS); US Army Tank and Automotive Command (TACOM); US Special Operations Command(SOCOM); Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA); and The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)