NGABS Contract Awarded to MTEQ

October 11, 2019

MTEQ Wins $18.3 Million Contract to Develop the Next-Generation Advanced Bomb Suit (NGABS) Prototype for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)

Manufacturing Techniques, Inc. (MTEQ), a Lorton, Virginia-based C5ISR systems innovator, was awarded on September 18, 2019 a Prototype project award (Agreement) via the Sensors Communications and Electronics Consortium (SCEC) Other Transaction Agreement held by SOSSEC, Inc. to provide the U.S. Army’s Next-Generation Advanced Bomb Suit (NGABS) prototypes. The NGABS program – led by the U.S. Army Product Manager Soldier Protective Equipment (PM SPE) – modernizes the legacy bomb suit system and integrates Modular Sensor Suite (MSS) and Heads Up Display (HUD) capabilities to provide Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) Technicians with revolutionary protection, mobility, and situational awareness.


“NGABS will dramatically increase survivability, mobility, and situational awareness for the EOD Technician,” Matt Ciskowski, MTEQ’s Director of Ground and Counter Threat Systems expanded, “MTEQ will leverage efforts under Futures Command’s Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) program and Combat Capabilities Development Command Soldier Center to deliver prototypes for this truly revolutionary capability to the EOD Technician. We look forward to working alongside the U.S. Army team on this integrated Soldier system.”


MTEQ has teamed with Med-Eng, the leading global developer and manufacturer of Advanced Bomb Suits. Together, the MTEQ/Med-Eng team will develop prototypes. An iterative design-test-fix-test approach will be utilized to rapidly incorporate changes into the prototype design with the end state of delivering a complete NGABS system prototype capability.


“MTEQ is excited to partner with Med-Eng to support the warfighter with these integrated next-generation Soldier prototype solutions. MTEQ and Med-Eng have long been dedicated to the EOD mission, and look forward to continuing our support under NGABS,” said MTEQ President/CEO Mary Williams. “Our innovative approach will meet the Government’s objectives and produce an integrated prototype system that deliver game- changing situational awareness.”